Plastic Product Design with Sneddon & Kingston

The team at Sneddon & Kingston Plastics have been involved in plastic injection moulding and plastic product design for over 60 years. We use our industry experience, to ensure your product designs are optimised for cost effective manufacture. We employ advanced techniques such as mould-flow analysis to simulate moulding and predict potential problems so that designs can be reviewed before mould manufacture.

To find out whether we can assist with your industrial plastic product design enquiry, give us a call . We generally assist with projects that involve large volume manufacturing rather than smaller-scale jobs.

Our technical staff are available to discuss your plastic product design ideas and concepts over the phone and can organise a follow-up scoping meeting to determine specific details in relation to costs, manufacturing viability, delivery timeframes and more.

Plastic Product Design


We specialise in creating and modifying plastic product designs so that they are suitable for the injection moulding processes and mass production. During our initial scoping meeting, we can elaborate on our in-house capabilities and advise on how to either go about improving an existing product or engage in drafting an original design based on your project requirements.

3D Design Software

Our technical team uses 3D CAD software as well as industry experience and sound judgement to develop concepts that are practical for production and tweaked to optimally accommodate your business objectives. For more information about our capabilities and examples of our work, give us a call.

What Our Designing Service Can Do For You?

Though thousands of plastic products are created every year, surprisingly limited plastic product designers and engineers know the exact procedure to design them. It’s a challenging and overwhelming task because of numerous plastic choices and several manufacturing alternatives and variations for each option. Meanwhile, improper material specifications and design can result in catastrophic failure, poor performance, sub-standard quality, and the worst outcome.

As a renowned designer of plastic products, Sneddon & Kingston Plastics boasts a rich history of success. In addition, we have extensive experience in plastic engineering tooling process, mould design, and production startup’s root cause analysis. It has enabled us to gain expertise in all significant plastics manufacturing methods.

In addition, we have vast knowledge in parts and plastic design for injection moulding. We help several industries through our precise service, including food packaging, automotive, medical, building and construction and much more. Therefore, you can trust us for an expert solution to any plastic product problems. We are renowned for innovating and creating the most appropriate design solution for plastic products based on your needs, budget, and specifications.

Hence, let us use our industrial product design and engineering expertise to produce plastic products of your choice. We are popular for providing exceptional project management service and game-changing designs that give your brand images a new identity. Hence, whether you want a round temper evident container or any innovative packaging solution, look no further than our expert.

Advantages Of Our Injection Mould Tooling Design

Our engaging designs ensure higher sales and more business growth for our clients. In addition, we provide our quality service at a very competitive price range. From initial designs, production to tooling completion, we own the entire process with total efficiency. It means you will never have to pay any surprise costs at any stage of your project. Additional advantages include:

  • Matches highly tight tolerances
  • Can work well with all challenging geometries
  • Has large scale production capabilities
  • Quick lead times

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Are you looking for a cost-effective approach to plastic product design in Australia? Talk to our injection moulding specialists at Sneddon & Kingston Plastics today to discuss your business requirements.


What is plastic mould design?

Plastic mould design is a decisive factor determining a moulding process’s success. It involves location and dimensioning of the sprue gates, dimensioning of shear edges, cooling and ejector techniques, flow aids, etc.

Moreover, our plastic product design is a multidisciplinary task. We use our experience in plastic mould design and engineering tooling processes to cater to the needs of many industries.

Our professional plastic design services involve the understanding of our customer’s needs and do our best to transform those ideas into something tangible made of plastic. We aim to create a positive experience by helping you with the type of plastic products you expect from us.

What are the common design rules in plastic design?

Injection moulding is a commonly used plastic manufacturing process known for its versatility. But it has some intricacies, so plastic product designers should make adequate design considerations to ensure that the part design maximises moulding performance and reduces tooling costs. Therefore, plastic designers should follow the following rules for designing better plastic parts that ensure quality and durability:

Consistent wall thickness– Uniform wall thickness is the primary design parameter that can eliminate different manufacturing problems.
Ribs for stability control – Adding ribs instead of a thicker wall can offer more excellent structural support.
Draft application – Draft application allows easy removal of a plastic piece from the mould.
Radius corners generously – Rounded corners ease plastic flow during the injection moulding. So, an engineer should generously radius the corners of the plastic part.

There are several other rules that are used to design and produce quality plastic parts. But, again, you can get in touch with our expert to have detailed information.

What are three types of plastic processing?

Plastics are popular materials used for producing many products and end-use parts. They are versatile materials used for manufacturing different products ranging from consumer products to medical devices.

Different varieties of plastic manufacturing processes have been developed to cover a wide range of applications. Therefore, it is critical for the designers and engineers to be familiar with each manufacturing option available today.

The three types of plastic processing that transform the raw material into usable forms involve:

Plastic extrusion – This process involves heating plastic material and pushing it through a heated chamber with the help of a screw.
Moulding – In this stage, plastic is forced through a die to give a final shape to the plastic part.
Cooling – This process involves the cooling of the extruded plastic.

What is the plastic design method?

A plastic design method is a process in which a plastic design engineer selects structural elements after considering the system’s overall capacity. At Sneddon & Kingston Plastics, we use different load factors dictated by appropriate codes to increase the applied loads for safety. The design is based on the yield property of the steel. You can contact our expert to learn more about our plastic design methods.