Frequently Asked Questions

IML, (in-mould labelling), refers to a manufacturing process where we can incorporate printed labels during the plastic injection moulding phase.

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process that is suited to mass production of high quality often complex plastic components. The process involves injecting a molten plastic material under pressure into a mould to reproduce the exact shape.

Injection moulds are precision built to withstand the extreme pressures involved in the injection moulding process. Moulds costs start at a few thousand dollars and can go up to many thousands of dollars.

Modern manufacturing has seen the design of injection moulded products evolve to a very advanced degree in recent decades. All injection moulded products are designed in 3D utilising modern software taking into account the complex moulds that are required top produce the product. Draft angles are incorporated into the product design to enable the part to release form the mould and advanced simulation software is usually employed to simulate manufacturability.

As per the design of the product, 3D software is employed in designing the tooling. Many considerations are taken into account such as best injection location, product geometry to determine location of mould split lines, efficient cooling design for the various components.

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